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Lumi-Plugin Installation

Lumi-Plugin combined downlight fire detectors

Unclutter your ceilings with Lumi-Plugin combined downlight and fire detectors. Sprinklers, smoke alarms, PIR sensors and more can be slotted into the light fitting for clutter-free, streamlined ceilings.

Lumi-Plugin combined downlight fire detectors

This is our featured system of the month. New Terra Compliance are delighted to be installers of Lumi-Plugin, an innovation, new to market lighting system. The compact base unit is an LED downlight which can combine different products such as a sprinkler system, smoke alarm, heat alarm, CO alarm, PIR sensor and/or emergency lighting.

These stylish looking Lumi-Plugin downlights can be fitted with a range of inserts to change their function, as well as the ability to change between warm and cool white light with a change of the LED unit which will also extend the product’s life (these will be available separately). Available in standard, smoke alarm, heat alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, emergency light and PIR sensor variants.

New Terra Compliance have already been involved in several high end projects where Lumi-Plugin has been specified including a town house in trendy Cambridge where the design of the property is open plan and required additional fire strategy to compensate the lack of fire compartments between floors. Lumi-Plugin was the perfect solution which included a smoke/heat and carbon monoxide interlinked fire alarm system, sprinklers, motion sensors and emergency lighting all combined and integrated into the LED lighting system.

It has been a massive hit with architects and designers as well as satisfying the fire regulations within residential premises.

We are currently in talks with various commercial clients to see how we can design and install the Lumi-Plugin Lighting and Fire system into their premises. Commercial premises include: Offices, Restaurants and Retail Units.

New Terra Compliance are Lumi-Plugin installers. They are BAFE SP203-1 accredited fire system specialists and electrical safety specialists who offer a wide range of electrical and fire safety solutions in residential housing and commercial premises.

If you would like to know more about the Lumi-Plugin combined downlight fire detectors, please contact our friendly engineering team: Telephone 01206 648369 or email

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