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BAFE registered fire alarm company Essex

BAFE registered fire alarm company Essex. New Terra Compliance Ltd have achieved BAFE SP203-1 accreditation for full scope of fire alarm works including fire alarm design, fire alarm installation, fire alarm commissioning and fire alarm maintenance.

New Terra Compliance Managing Director Dan Jackson set sights on achieving the fire industry benchmark accreditation when founding the newest fire alarm company in Essex.

Dan Jackson has previous experience gaining the accreditation with a previous company he started and grew, as well as consulting to other electrical and fire companies helping them achieve accreditation.

Dan says “I really like the BAFE SP203-1 fire alarm scheme. Many clients in the sectors we work in require their chosen fire partners to have the third party certification. As a business it helps give our clients confidence in what we do for them and provides additional levels of competency assurance.”

New Terra Compliance are a BAFE accredited fire alarm company in Essex audited for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire alarm and detection systems.

The BAFE scheme is modular and was written and developed by stakeholders from all quarters of the industry, chaired by an international fire risk professional and was officially launched in July 2002. The scheme is delivered on BAFE’s behalf by licensed UKAS accredited Certification Bodies.

Like other BAFE schemes a certificate is the basis upon which confidence is built. At the end of each modular stage of a project a certificate can be issued by the BAFE listed company, so if there are four different companies involved in the complete process on one premises, then the customer would end up with four certificates from each of the respective organisations. If only one company undertakes the work on all four modules the customer would have one full certificate of compliance, which would relate to all of the modules.

The scheme has been split into four modules. The intention of this is to ensure that a company only gains BAFE registration for the modules in which they are competent to work. The four modules are:

  • System Design
  • Installation
  • Commissioning/Handover
  • Maintenance

New Terra Compliance are accredited to all 4 fire alarm modules and has recently been awarded fire alarm maintenance in Colchester, Essex for a client who has multiple properties in their portfolio.

To find out what New Terra can do for you, please contact them on 01206 648 369 or email

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