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Aspirating Smoke Detection Essex

Aspirating Smoke Detection

Aspirating smoke detection (ASD) is one of the fastest and most effective types of smoke detection on the market today. It is widely used for a variety of different applications and provides a very early warning of a fire in even the harshest of environments. 

ASD is discrete, cost-effective and easy to install, operate and maintain making it an excellent choice for commercial, industrial and residential properties.

How it Works

An aspirating smoke detector uses powerful fans to draw smoke from the protected area into its detection chamber via a network of pipes and sampling points. Filters remove any contaminants from the sampled air before it enters the detection chamber. The air that enters the chamber is then analysed by the highly sensitive detection unit that is capable of detecting even the tiniest smoke particles.

Thanks to the powerful aspirating fans used in aspirating smoke detectors, the detection efficiency is not compromised by high ceilings, large open spaces or high airflows. Filters, coupled with advanced detection technology, work to reduce the risk of false alarms and prolong the life of the detection element.

Automatic maintenance systems are available to ensure optimum performance at all times and detectors can be installed outside of the protected area to provide easy access for scheduled maintenance and filter replacement.

Popular Choice

There are a number of different aspirating smoke detectors available to suit a wide range of applications. However, the most common detectors available today are:

Xtralis ICAM IAS

This detector combines standard point detectors with a powerful aspirator to provide fast and reliable detection (point-in-a-box). It can be integrated with an existing fire alarm control panel and is compatible with both analogue and conventional point detectors.

Xtralis ICAM ILS

These are also point-in-a-box aspirating smoke detectors. However, ICAM ILS detectors provide laser air-sampling smoke detection for Class C applications meeting the unique requirements of applications such as cell sites, small telecoms facilities and underground stations. They are compact, rugged and waterproof adding to their versatility.


The VESDA-E range of detectors sets a new benchmark in the life safety industry and serve as a direct replacement for the legacy VESDA LaserPlus (VLP) detectors. 

VESDA-E VEP detectors employ the latest and most advanced technology to provide a very early warning of fire while minimising nuisance alarms. They use advanced Flair technology to achieve consistent performance over their lifetime and deliver a range of revolutionary features.

Typical Applications

Aspirating smoke detection provides the ideal fire detection solution for numerous applications. Some of the most common include:

Correctional Facilities

For this type of application, aspirating smoke detectors can be installed outside of cells or common areas where they are safe from vandalism and are more accessible for maintenance. Sampled air is collected via discreet, tamperproof sampling points and transported to the detectors via a secure network of sampling pipes.

Cold Stores

As with correctional facilities, aspirating smoke detectors for cold stores can be installed outside of the protected area. A series of pipes and sampling points designed for use in cold spaces can be installed inside the refrigerated area to collect samples of air and deliver it to the detector. In the case that the detectors must be installed in an area below its recommended temperature range, heating modules can be used.

Data and Telecoms Centres

Due to aspirating smoke detections ability to detect both smouldering fires with low output of smoke as well as smoke that is diluted by high-airflow, it provides the perfect detection solution for data and telecommunications centres. ASD is unaffected by smoke dilution, cooling and extraction equipment and contaminations providing a reliable solution for this type of environment.

Lifts or Elevators

Lift shafts are high-airflow environments which can cause issues for some detection types. Powerful aspirators used in ASD systems can overcome airflow issues to provide fast and reliable detection. Again, the detectors themselves can be installed outside of the protected areas, often in the lift machine room, for ease of access.

Historic Buildings and Museums

It is often important that the aesthetics of historic or listed buildings are preserved and traditional type detection can be unsightly. However, ASD sampling points are incredibly discreet and often go unnoticed, meanwhile, the detectors themselves can be installed in less significant areas. ASD systems and their very fast and reliable detection capabilities also offer optimum protection for historic buildings and their valuable contents.


As ASD is not affected by unpredictable, high-airflows, high-ceilings or obstructions, it can provide the perfect detection solution for warehouses that typically suffer from all of these characteristics.

Why Choose New Terra Compliance?

New Terra has a team of engineers with many years of experience in aspirating smoke detection. Furthermore, the team has undergone extensive training with Eurofyre, a major Xtralis distributor and technical supplier.

Eurofyre works closely with its partners, such as New Terra Compliance, to provide expert training, to a level that goes above and beyond other suppliers, at their dedicated training facility. This ensures that all new aspirating smoke detection systems are designed, installed and maintained correctly to provide optimum performance.

Based in Essex, New Terra Compliance offers fire alarm design, installation, commissioning and maintenance services to suit your individual requirements. For more information about aspirating smoke detection Essex or the services we offer, please get in touch.

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